Samer Hijazi, Ph.D.

Samer Hijazi, Ph.D.

Category : Bio

Engineering Director

Cadence IP group

Samer HijaziSamer Hijazi joined Cadence in 2013 with the Tensilica acquisition. He is an Engineering Director in the Cadence IP group’s Chief Technology Office with a sharp focus on developing Cadence expertise in the deep learning industry and its applications. Previously, Samer led the baseband system architecture team for the Tensilica IP group. And, prior to joining Tensilica and Cadence he worked for LSI, Agere Systems, Qualcomm, and Philips Research Lab. Samer holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Kansas State University, an MS in Image Processing from South Dakota University, and an MBA degree from Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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