Sensing and Sensibility— a Quest to Visual Intelligence

Sensing and Sensibility— a Quest to Visual Intelligence

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Speaker: Silvio Savarese, Assistant Professor, Computer Science Department, Stanford University

We are moving into a world where sensors will be everywhere and will be ubiquitous. In the recent years, we have seen an explosion of new artificial visual sensors that can integrate luminance values with other sensing modalities: infrared, thermal, gravity, depth, to cite a few. Sensing is not the hard problem here, however. Sensibility, or, intelligent understanding of the sensing data is the challenge. When we look at an environment such as a coffee shop, we don’t just recognize the objects in isolation, but rather perceive a rich scenery of the 3D space, its objects, the people and all the relations among them. This allows us to effortlessly navigate through the environment, or to interact with objects in the scene with amazing precision or to predict what is about to happen next. In this talk I will give an overview of the research from my group and discuss our latest work on designing visual models that can process different sensing modalities and enable sensibility. I will be also demonstrating that our models are potentially transformative in application areas related to autonomous or assisted navigation, smart environments, social robotics,  augmented reality, and large scale information management.

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